Hospitality and Leisure – Electronic Point of Sale

Business Use Cases, POS Terminal

TriggerPay can be embedded in an EPOS (electronic point of sale) style system for the hospitality and leisure sector.  This can be achieved by using our client api to integrate the payment cycle into an external software or alternatively our Terminal App can be used as a source to request payment.  End customers can pay using our Customer App or via a secure payment link.

Electronic Point of Sale Integration

By integrating TriggerPay with an electronic point of sale system, you can offer bank transfer as a new payment option for your customers.  For example, at a hotel reception desk a customer chooses TriggerPay bank transfer as their payment method. The staff member would enter the customer’s phone number (if not already present) and the payment link is sent to them via SMS text message. The customer follows the link and authorises the payment from within their own banking app.  The authorisation status is updated on the staff members screen in real-time.

TriggerPay Terminal App

For an establishment such as a restaurant where payment is collected at the table, the TriggerPay Terminal App offers an easy way for staff to initiate the transaction. The staff member enters the amount to be paid and can choose to send the payment link to the customer by SMS, email or by displaying a QR code that the customer can scan. The customer then authorises the payment from within their own banking app and the authorisation is sent to the terminal device in real-time.