TriggerPay for Business

Open up opportunities and future proof your payments processes by offering your customers a fast, secure way to pay directly from their bank, via the Open Banking Faster Payments network.

This supercharges your efficiency, maximises cash flow and minimises reconciliation and other cost activities historically associated with payments.

With TriggerPay there are no setup, monthly or other hidden fees, just one single system fee. Neither are there any minimum contract periods.

Enhanced Reliability

  • Service fully regulated by the FCA
  • 99.99% uptime (No payment failures)
  • 100% redundancy

Greater Security

  • Bank grade security
  • Lower fraud rates

Payment Speed / Savings

  • Real time settlement of payments (faster payments are generally immediate, with a max time of 2 hours).
  • Action refunds using faster payments also
  • Cost Savings
  • Charge backs are eliminated

Consumer Confidence, Convenience and Conversion Success

  • Speedy straight-through process, with minimised data entry requirements
  • Maximised conversion through consumer “own bank familiarity”
  • Set up regular/recurring payments options also available

Great for Developer Integration

  • Seamless integration process, enabling fast setup and service start
  • Full testing environment and support included by default

Chargebacks Eliminated

As our payment initiation service connects directly to your customers banks with their usual log in/authentication processes, this familiarity ensures customer confidence at check out, as well as best practice security and fraud prevention, with chargebacks completely eliminated.  No more need for card payments or direct debits on one off payments.

Flexible Customisable Service

We provide a flexible, customisable service to suit your business.  Our settings allow you to make the service the right fit for your business and for your customer’s needs. This ensures straightforward integration for your business.  So you can get your developers to embed the process in your existing channels or we can help you with that if needed.

We can also automate recurring/regular payments, and your customers can pay via our app, or via a secure generated sms/web link.

For further convenience your employees/agents can use our Terminal App to send payment requests to individual customers, just another way to help your business streamline payment flows.

eCommerce Checkout Integration

Use the TriggerPay Client API to integrate TriggerPay as a payment option in your e-commerce store. Allow your customers to authenticate the payment with their bank within your checkout process.

Suitable for: Any online store. 

POS Integration

Integrate TriggerPay with your in person Point Of Sale system to request payments from your customers. Your customer receives a payment link on their mobile device and your POS system receives notification of the authentication.

Suitable for: Brick & mortar stores, hospitality, etc.

Account Balance Integration

Synchronise customer balances with the TriggerPay system and send out bulk payment requests will full feedback of payment authorisations. Schedule payment requests, set payment due dates, and automate account suspensions and late payment fines.

Suitable for: Businesses that regularly bill customers with variable amounts.

Recurring Payment Schedules

Fully flexible recurring payment schedule service. Payments can be requested for a fixed or indefinite period. Full feedback of payment authorisations.

Suitable for: Subscription products/services, hire purchase, or any billing schedule which requires payment of the same amount multiple times. 

Ad Hoc Payment Requests

For one-off payments, you can use the Client Dashboard or TriggerPay Client API to request a payment from an individual. As always, feedback of the authorisation of the payment is provided real-time.

Suitable for: Any business wanting to request a payment from a customer.

TriggerPay Virtual Terminal App

The TriggerPay Virtual Terminal App allows you to make ad hoc payment requests on the move and see authorisation of payments in real-time on your iPhone or Android device.

Suitable for: mobile services, taxi drivers, stores with legacy POS systems.

These apps allow your employees or agents to send payment requests to your customers.

Install the Android Terminal App

Click the link or scan the QR code to get access to the Android version of the TriggerPay Client Terminal App.

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Install the iOS Terminal App

Click the link or scan the QR code to get access to the iOS version of the TriggerPay Client Terminal App.

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